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REIC - World's megacities arise. Images of gigantic skyscrapers and anonymous Highrise Buildings, especially from the Southeast Asian region, are known to everyone. The attraction of big cities and the increasing housing shortage causes us to create newer and newer plans. However, architects and residents are facing great challenges. What architecture is feasible beyond standardized apartment blocks? What perspectives do people need to feel comfortable in their homes and neighborhoods?

The exterior design is inspired by the client´s product and shows the process from raw material to finished product. The architectural design of this project is the combination of 3 buildings. All for life is in walking distance.

- Location: 147bis Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, District 4, Hochiminh City
- Owner: Van Thinh Phat Investment Corporation, Khanh Hoi Sugar Company
- Function: public space, living, working, education,  leisure, health, shopping, sport
- Size: Land 10,261 m2; Construction site 7,355 m2; GFA  72.000 m2; Height 110 meters
- Building Costs: 82 million USD
- Design Concept: Weingartner Architects in cooperation with NQH architects.

Source: Weingartner Architects


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